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A full service energy divestiture and advisory firm.


Valuation Review

Lantana will review the assets to determine an estimated market value, based on multiple valuation metrics.

Upside Concentration

There are many PDP buyers, our aim is to educate and capture buyers such that value is placed on upside opportunities.


Sales Documentation

Lantana will prepare the most comprehensive marketing material on the market today to facilitate the evaluation process for buyers.

Focus on Potential Buyers

Lantana's personnel bring a wealth of experience on active buyers of oil and gas assets. A marketing list customized for each individual deal will get your assets in front of aggressive buyers who are motivated to close deals.

Customized Marketing Campaign

While focused on high-potential buyers, Lantana will also market the opportunities to a broad market to capture new entrants to the area. The marketing effort is based on personal attention to each potential buyer from an introduction letter to personal visits and follow-up calls to the most comprehensive data room experience in the industry.

Sale Process

The sale process is focused on maximizing value for the seller by educating the buyer and maintaining competitive pressure.

Data Room Experience

Lantana has the most comprehensive Data Room experience in the industry. The process is predicated on the fact that an educated buyer will pay more for properties.


Initial Bids

The Initial Bid process is used to determine a select group of highly motivated buyers for any particular asset. The group selected to submit final bids, which can be from one to five companies, will be invited to resubmit their bid and also submit a marked up Purchase and Sale Agreement.

Final Bids

Competitive pressure can be used to get high bidders to increase their bid and to get the best possible terms negotiated in a Purchase and Sale Agreement.


Closing the Deal

Lantana will assist the seller in evaluating offers and negotiating the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

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